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Parklands High School
Shorefields Technology College
St Benedict's College
St. Hilda's Church of England High School
St Margaret’s Church of England High School


Jaguar Cars Limited
Lateral Visions Software Company Limited
Liverpool City Learning Centre's in the South
Liverpool Hope University

Present an Interschool Visions game

Streets of Culture 08 

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The Liver Mysteries

The Liver Birds stand guard over the city of Liverpool and the sea.
Legend holds that if the Liver Birds were ever to leave, the city would cease to exist.

One stormy night in Liverpool, lightning strikes the Liver Birds, shattering them into pieces that fall all over the city.

The legend becomes a reality and the city begins to fade away...

Only you can save the city. Using your knowledge of Liverpool, you must retrieve the pieces of the Liver Birds and return

them, before the city is lost forever...  


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Carl Gavin, 10/06/2008